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Happy 2019!

Winter break is officially over, the 3 Peas & Wee One are back in school today (YAY!) and life kicks back to normal gear once again.

A huge THANK YOU to all the clients that we saw in 2018!
Babies, kids, families, seniors and pups… it was a great mix all year long. I’m SO excited to see what is in store for us in 2019.

I really do have the best clients EVER!! Look at all these cute kids!
2019 will mark my 13th year in business.
I have never taken for granted how amazing it is that I get to be a part of a family’s photographic legacy. It’s a large part of what I love about what I do, because I know how treasured photographs are for generations.
Whether I see you every year, or just once in your lifetime, it’s something I’m proud to know that I’ve played a role in documenting your family.



mn family photographer


And not to be missed- THANK YOU also to the ADORABLE pups who came in for our Pup Portrait Fundraiser for Secondhand Hounds
It was SO much fun, and definitely will be back next year!

mn pet photographer

2019 Newborn Special! ~Minnetonka Baby Photographer

In honor of today’s snowstorm- our Snow Babies special is back!
Now till spring, save $200 on studio or in-home newborn sessions!

Newborn Photographer Minnetonka

There should be a benefit for having a baby in the freezing cold winter months of Minnesota. Bringing a newborn home in winter has it’s drawbacks, so here at 3 Peas Photography we feel you should be rewarded with a special offer on your newborn session! Whether you book your newborn baby photo session in our awesome natural light studio in Minnetonka, or prefer to have amore lifestyle photo session in your home, you save! Come to me, or I’ll come to you! You get to stay nice and warm, and your new baby gets to be snuggled and photographed all comfy cozy, all the while capturing some memories you will cherish forever.


minneapolis newborn photographer



Baby Photographer Twin Cities MN

My poor neglected blog. Every year I swear I’m going to be better at blogging. It’s sadly been a long time, far far too I’m hoping that 2018 I can get back to it and update here more often! I’ve become a fan of using Facebook and Instagram to post photos and updates as to all the going ons for 3 Peas. But I feel maybe this year it’s time to go a back a little old school and get back to blogging! I’ve had SO many amazing sessions since I last updated this blog, and hopefully over time can add some of them here, even if it’s retrospectively and backdated. We shall see! I’m excited to see what this new year has in store. I love newborn sessions and always love to fill my calendar in the winter time with as many babies as possible! If you aren’t expecting- please be sure to send this amazing offer along to any friends, family, co-workers, neighbors…you know who are expecting a new little baby this winter. As always- I happily reward all clients with a $75 credit for an and all referrals you send me way!

Merry Christmas 2018! ~ Inside The Box Holiday Card

Merry Christmas!
Our Family 2018 Holiday Card
(Imagine it as a front/back card)
Yes- they all willingly wore matching holiday outfits:)

I’ve had this idea for years, but finally thanks to my dad (master box builder) I could finally make it happen!
The kids had a lot of fun with this, and it was possibly the least stressful photoshoot I’ve ever had with them! Apparently letting them mostly goof around is the key.
(pssssst this will be available next year to clients!)

We hope you and yours have a love filled holiday <3

3 Peas Holiday Card 2018

Sweet Newborn Baby P ~ Minneapolis Baby Photographer

This adorable little peanut came into the studio for her newborn photo session. She was a perfect little baby model! I mean seriously, look at those cheeks! Don’t you just want to smooch them?! As a fan of owls myself (my own wee one’s nursery had an owl theme) I pretty much squealed when her mom pulled out this adorable owl hat to use during her portraits! We joked in our house that having an owl themed nursery jinxed us, as our 4th Pea was a TOTAL night owl. (like his momma) But hopefully for their sake, this little princess has allowed them some good nights sleep.

mols baby photographer

As anyone who’s looked at my newborn photos and my portfolio of newborn baby images, you’ve likely seen that I’m a big fan of soft textures. Especially, I really love to use real, natural sheepskin during sessions with newborn babies. It’s sort of multiple reasoned, as for one, it photographs beautifully and adds to the feeling of softness in the images. But also, babies LOVE sheepskin. I read once that it’s the natural lanolin that it holds. And as the baby’s own body heat warms it up, it releases it and it’s very soothing to them. I remember when my 3 peas were teeny, it was all the rage to get things for the nursery made with it, crib mattress covers even. Personally, I just like to get the small remnant ones at IKEA, as after naked babies do their business on them, they don’t last through very many washings (they yellow over time) so I have to get new ones pretty often. Which our dog loves, as the old ones come home with me and after being washed become a new pad for his dog crate. He loves them and doesn’t care that they are now yellow instead of the beautiful cream tone that I personally adore. If I have extras, I donate them to our favorite dog rescue.

mols baby photographer

Baby Photographer Twin Cities MN

Newborn Nina-Bo-Beena ~ Wayzata MN Baby Photographer

I just love this session SO much…. my gorgeous little new baby niece. While I love all newborn sessions, it has a different meaning to me when it’s family in front of my camera. For one, my nieces and nephews know me, so in many ways there’s a comfort level that’s just automatic. Although I don’t think any of the adults in the family truly love being in front of the camera, I like to think that perhaps since it’s ME, they don’t dread it as much.;)

I talk a lot about how photographs are a big part of your family legacy. They are saved, looked at, cherished…for generations to come. But even more so, in the present day, they give children a strong feeling of belonging. Every day when they see up on their walls, or in frames on albums on shelves, a visual reminder how much they are loved and appreciated. I know in my house, there’s days when the kids may be less than, ahem, lovely to each other. I am surrounded by sweet moments on my walls, that exude the truth. The love. The joy. The tenderness. The together. It not only makes me happy, but I know it’s a quiet reminder to my children as well. That we are a great family unit, most of the time. As well as, a reminder of how important we are to each other.

Anyhoo- onto the really cute photographs of my sweet baby niece, when she was just a tiny newborn. OH and did I mention that she’s a Christmas Baby? Yep- this sweet girl was born on Christmas morning. I mean can a family receive a better present? Nope. Nothing is better than adding another sweet little love to your lives.

wayzata mn baby photography studio
wayzata mn baby photographer
minnetonka baby photographer
minnetonka newborn photographer

Needless to say, they are definitely, totally in love with her. As it should be.

wayzata mn newborn photographer

Life Stories ~ Fostering With SecondHand Hounds

A few years ago I was part of a year long photography project called Life Stories. Myself and some amazing photographer friends took on a personal photo project once a month. Well, we are back at it again starting today. I’m excited for this project, as one of my goals this year is to pull out my “real camera” more often with my family, and not just rely on the easy-peasy iphone.

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you have surely seen photos over the past year of dogs. Specifically, dogs in rescue who are adoptable and looking for their forever families. Some of the dogs I post are ones that come in to the studio with their foster person for new photos for their adoption profile with SecondHand Hounds. However, a few of the dogs you’ve seen, are our actual foster dogs. Dogs, that we have taken into our home, until they too find their forever families. In the rescue world, it’s called fostering.

For us, fostering began as a way to find our next furry family member. When our beloved 13.5y old Australian Shepherd passed away in September of 2014, we were devastated. He’d been our first baby, and was a huge part of our family. Being the dog lover I am, I knew it wouldn’t be long until I’d want another dog, and knew that this time around I wanted a rescue dog. I also did not want a young puppy, and therefore was also a bit nervous to just adopt a dog since I still have a young one at home who’s not super calm. I’d heard about fostering, and it sounded like a great way to find our next dog. We take them in, if it’s the right match, we keep it! If not, we help find it a good family that is a right match. So in November of 2014, we took in our first foster dog. He was not a right fit for our family, and was adopted by another family who loved him. Then we took in another foster, this time it was Blue. Who as most of you know we “foster failed” which in rescue world means we kept him (failed to foster, because we adopted!) But what was surprising, was that we had found that even though we never intended to keep fostering, we did. We loved it. The kids loved it. And thus every month or two, we’d take in another dog.Some we only had a few days, some a few weeks, and some a little longer. Over the past fifteen months, we’ve had 8 foster dogs. And plan to continue.

The question I get most often, typically on Facebook, is “how can you give them up?!” It’s a great question. And one I too wondered when we began. I’m not going to lie, it’s hard. Sometimes, really hard. I love these dogs, and when they are in our home they are part of our family. I spend so much time with them, getting to know them. We crate train them, house train them, start obedience training them.  I take them everywhere and get to know their likes, their dislikes, their fears….as well as get to see how they are with children, other dogs, cats, men, women, cars, parks, leash walks, etc. The more I know, the more I can help them. Some fosters are easy as pie, others take a lot more patience (Blue was so far, the worst behaved/mannered foster we ever had, he was a mess, lol) But all, over time, show us who they are, and what they need. And in return, we help them find their forever families. How has it been for our kids? More on that below.

How can we let them go?  Yes, it’s hard. and yes I cry. I cry more in the day leading up to it, anticipating the hole they will leave behind……but honestly the main reason I can let them go is seeing the love and excitement of their new family. Watching them wag and wiggle with happiness when they’ve met the right match. Knowing that both the dog, and the family, are getting an unconditional love. THAT is what makes it possible. As that’s what it’s all about. It’s not about me. It’s about all of them. The family and the dog. They are the love story with the happy ever after. I just get to be a stop on the way! Plus, knowing that every dog we find a home for, means another dog’s life will be saved when we take them in as our next foster.

Now to the photo portion…..this sweet girl is our most recent foster, who went to her forever home just a few days ago. She’s the sweetest thing ever and the cutest little pitty I’ve never met. We joke that she will likely be “the one that got away” – meaning at some point we may regret not adopting her. But all that really is, is a testament to how much we loved her, and how happy we are that she, who only weeks ago was marked for death in KY, is now thanks to the efforts of LMAS and Secondhand Hounds,  living the good life.

dog photography mn

Fostering dogs has been an amazing experience for my children. Besides all the extra kisses and love, it’s helped them practice patience, calm assertiveness, and tolerance. They’ve learned you can’t judge a book by it’s cover, and that previous bad experiences don’t have to be forever. They’ve watched dogs go from shy, frightened, nervous puddles, to trusting, calm, sweet bundles of joy. We don’t focus on their negative previous lives, but instead talk about what we can do to help. How consistency, routines, rules, and calm energy makes them feel safe.

My kids have learned how to be respectful of animals. To give them space, and exude kind, calm energy. And, they’ve learned to read the signals dogs give us for when they are feeling a certain way. There’s been some amazing lessons in body language, and how dogs communicate not only overall, but also with each other. Yes more than one of my kids has been mildly bitten, (one dog ended up not being so kid friendly) and that in itself was a life lesson. Any dog can bite if they feel scared/threatened enough, and most give signals leading up to it. They knew this already from our previous old crabby dog, and even with Blue who sometimes when feeling threatened will defend himself against other dogs. While not pleasant, it’s part of it too. And we’ve talked about those feelings (it can be scary when dogs bite/fight) and how we too can overcome those feelings and learn to trust again.

My kids enjoy their part in fostering and saving lives. They talk about it with their friends, share our foster dog photos, and wear their SHH sweatshirts with pride. As a parent, watching them care and support something that is helping so many….it makes me proud.

family photography mn


This is a little collage of all the fosters we’ve had in our home thus far. In chronological order. As you can see we’ve had all sorts, some furry, some not, some big, some small. But all rescued from kill shelters in the south, brought to MN, where they got the chance to have a better life.

dog fosters

If you are interested in learning more about fostering, please check out the SHH link with much more info on the process and I’m happy to answer any personal questions you may have on the subject!

Be sure to check out my fellow photographer friends and their Life Stories Project!

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2015 is a Wrap!

As 2015 comes to a close, a huge THANK YOU THANK YOU to our clients this year!
It was another amazing year, and I’m already looking forward for what is in store for us in 2016!

It’s always fun for me (and by me I mean my awesome assistant Sally) to put together this compilation of most of our sessions from the year. It’s sort of a “where’s waldo” and I just love seeing all these moments together!
It’s so fun to look back at all these faces I had the pleasure of photographing this year. Not to mention I seriously have the cutest and most fun clients ever.:)

Some of our clients have been with us pretty much since the beginning of 3 Peas Photography, and it’s so fun to see how they change and grow each and every year. If you look back through previous end of year blog posts (links at the end of this post)- you’ll see a lot of the same sweet faces. This is not something I have ever taken for granted. How amazing it is that I get to be a part of families’ photographic legacies. It’s a large part of what I love about what I do, because I know how treasured photographs are for generations. While we love these images in the moment, they grow into larger treasures as the years go by. There’s a quote from a movie I’ve always loved (the quote, not the movie): “The shutter is clicked, ….and they’ve stopped time, as if just for the blink of an eye.” For myself as a mother, it’s why photographs are important to me. It freezes a moment. It’s a way to go back in time, in a tiny way.

Whether I see you every year, or just once in your lifetime, it’s something I’m proud to be a part of, proud to know that I’ve played a role in documenting your family.

Happy New Year!

family photographer mn


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