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Gorgeous Newborn Gianna ~ Chanhassen Baby Photographer

I’ve had a run of baby girls lately for newborn sessions! Not only newborn sessions I’ve already photographed, but also with my expectant moms. Last year I had a long run of boys, so apparently this year it’s the girls turn!

This sweet little girl was just a dream to photograph. So sweet, so calm, and so stinking adorable!! I always say that one of the best perks of this job is that I get to spend a few hours holding babies. For me, the little sighs of contentment they make, it’s like valium. Seriously- it doesn’t get much better than that. I need to record it sometime for when I’m having a crabby day.

You’ll be seeing more of little baby Gianna, as she’s part of our Watch-Me-Grow club! I can’t wait to watch her grow, and to photograph her at some of those adorable next stages of development!

best baby newborn photographer mn


Her mom and grandma brought in her baptism gown for a few photographs at the end. O. M. G. Seriously- sooooooo sweet! The little bonnet?! And the long gown- she looks like a little princess!

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Newborn Photographer MN

More the Merrier ~ Minneapolis Family & Maternity Photography

I’ve been photographing this awesome family since their first handsome little dude was still in his momma’s tummy! It’s been so fun to watch them go from expecting their first baby, to juggling a toddler and new baby, to becoming a fun loving family of hour. And now I get to watch them make the switch from man-to-man to zone defense! As all a parents of more than two children know, it’s an adjustment for sure. But I have no doubt this crew will take it all right in stride.

I always get so excited for our yearly sessions, as every year the kids just get funnier, and more and more relaxed. It’s hard to believe they use to be SHY with me- and now they make me look like the shy one!  What has always amazed me about these dynamic duo, is how much they adore each other. Since she was a teeny tiny baby, he’s just been the sweetest big brother. She looks at him with such love. When I photograph them 1:1, they each are a littler more reserved, but together they are like a pair of puppies- constantly wrestling, playing, and laughing. They bring out a joy in each other that you can feel from across the room. It’s pretty amazing. Soon, VERY soon, they will be adding a new little one into their already amazing family. That little girl is one lucky one. Not only does she get some spectacular siblings, she also will have the coolest, laid back and fun loving parents. As a family their love and laughter is contagious. She’s going to be surrounded by so much positive energy- she’s sure to shine, just like her big brother and sister before her.

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family photographer minneapolis mn

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Thanks S family for yet another awesome session! I am so excited to meet the new little one!

Minneapolis MN Family Photos

Love, Joy & Popsicles ~ Medina Family Photographer

I’ve been meaning to blog this family’s at home session from last summer for forever, but honestly I just could not narrow down the images deciding which to show on the blog. As always with this family, there were just so many that made my heart sing. So in my procrastination, I’m going to blog show way more than I normally do. It’s my blog I can do what I want.  I’ve known this family since pretty wayyyyy back when their first was only a one year old and love our sessions every year.
From that first session, I have been a little bit in love with them. Not only are they beautiful on the outside, they are truly the kindest, most beautiful people on the inside as well. But for me, one little reason I adore them so, is that MY favorite images are always THEIR favorite images. AND they hang them on their walls! I get crazy joy from knowing my photographs of a family are seen by them every day. A daily reminder of how awesome they are, and how loved. They get me! And more importantly, I get them. Our sessions are always fun and goofy and filled with lots of hugs and games and running and chasing and…. a little bribery.;)
Mom and Dad know how to just kick back and let the crazy train roll, be in the moments, and trust that even though it seems chaotic, it always results in some magic.

best family photos mn
best family photos mn

I’ve always taken it as a serious badge of pride, that so much of my business consists of returning clients. It’s as high as 90% some years. The percentage of clients who are returning ones. Which to me, is the most clear sign that I must be doing something right. It’s validating in way that nothing else can be, that I’m doing something right.  The fact that so many choose to come back to me time after time- that’s something that makes me feel very proud, and honored and humbled at the same time. I love that I get to be a part of their family story- I get to be part of the photographic history of “them” – my images will be something they look back at for years, and then generations. It’s pretty amazing really. That I get to give them a peek back into their every changing lives. In the moment- of course we love the images because they show who we are TODAY. But even moreso- they are keepsakes forever. Moments frozen in time, that show the joy, happiness, and LOVE. As a mother of almost teens, I get it so much more now than ever. I wish I could freeze time. But I can’t. So the photographs will have to do.

Minnetonka MN Family Photographer

Carin Roxana Ramirez - Monday, May 11, 2015 - 4:25 pm

Me encantan mis niños, están lindos y grandes les mando muchos besos y abrazos

Wayzata Girls – BFF Photo Session

There is just something about those first friendships. The kind when they are together they bring out the best
and silliest in each other. They know each others favorite books and secret crushes, as well as how much they love
math or theatre. They cheer for them on the soccer or field hockey field, and watch proudly when they dance or sing on stage. They laugh together in a way that is so honest and pure, it makes my heart sing just to witness it. We’ve all been there- in that stage where you aren’t really kids anymore, but you aren’t quite teens either. It’s a time that can for some be hard on their confidence and their self esteem. It’s also a time, when friends are SO important to your identity. No one “gets you” like your friends. We parents like to think we know our kids- but their friends know them in way we never will. As it should be. I tell my kids all the time, WHO you choose to be your friends, is one of the most consistently important decisions in your life. True good friends support you and cheer for you and help you to be the best version of yourself. It’s what helps you get through these tough teen years with less turbulent waters.
I have to admit- this is the most fun I’ve had at a photo session in a LONG time. There’s something about setting 4 almost teenagers loose in their hometown and letting them just BE themselves- that is liberating to photograph. They had a zillion ideas and trusted me implicitly. My goal was simple: to show them how strong, confident and beautiful they are, both together and alone. They made it easy. I’m SO proud of these images- not just because they are fun and cool, but because I think it’s so important in an age where girls are constantly presented with a fake view of beauty standards- that they see the beauty in themselves and their friends. Celebrate it. The strength, the love and the power of friendship.

When we started our session together, the girls asked “do we have to smile the whole time?” my answer- NO! Of course not! They loved showing their serious side. While they would often crack up and break into smile- they really owned being in the moment and connecting. Not being pretend happy, but just being strong, and confident. For me- the serious expressions of this age are my favorite. As I think it’s when you really start to see the women they are going to become. Smart. Strong. Confident.

Teen BFF Photo Session
Teen Photos MN

Do you have a preteen/teen age daughter? Contact us for your own BFF session!

Tween Teen Photographer MN

Sweet as Pie ~ St Paul Family Photos

Those two cuties, are a prime example of how emotionally rewarding this job can be for me. I’ve been photographing him since big brother was a newborn, and first photographed them together when she was a teeny baby and even after all these years and knowing me, he still makes me work for it! But when he lets me in…oooooh it’s the best feeling. I see a lot of outgoing, chatty, extravert kids. Ones that I have to reel in, to photograph. BUT- the ones I find most rewarding, are ones who make me work for it in the opposite way. The ones that I have to carefully and respectfully approach and gently earn their trust. To help them see I’m a safe person, and that we’re going to have fun, and laugh, and play, and it’s all entirely on their own comfort level. They call the shots. For me, when they loosen up, and show me their happy comfortable selves- it’s like a little bit of magic. The magic their parents see all the time, but is hidden away to strangers, and especially hard to capture in photographs. When these parents see the images and cry “oh my gosh, this is SO them!” there is nothing more satisfying to me, as I know I’ve captured their true essence and those are often the little quiet moments that mostly go unnoticed, but are even more beautiful than the loud ones.

These two adorable siblings are SO cute together I can hardly stand it. He is such a great big brother, so gentle with her, and the way he holds her hand, oooooh heart swooning! And when he laughs, oh my it’s seriously the best. Hopefully, when his sister is that age, she’ll find me as funny as he does. Although my goofball antics are often better suited for boys (since 3/4 of my kids are boys I seem more in tune with their humor) but what I’m sure I can count on, is his ability to make her laugh, and that’s even better.

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Saint Paul MN Family Photographer

Fabulous Fall Family ~ Minnetonka Family Photos

These three are quite possibly the happiest, most giggly kids I know. I know that during our session they will crack me up, as they laugh so much I just can’t help but laugh along with them. They are just so joyful and genuinely kind to one another, it’s amazing. Now I’m sure it’s not all peace and happiness at home, as they are really children and not robots, but at least for me- they seem to be pretty much perfection in terms of siblings. And they laugh, SO MUCH- I just love it!!! Not to mention, mom and dad are so adorable together, and so chill and laid back, it makes the session easy peasy!
Mom also gets a gold star for pulling together some really great outfits for their fall photos. I love the layers and different textures and complimentary color tones. They look amazing individually as well as in any combo of people. I know for many, the “what do we wear for photos” is often the most stressful part of the process- but I promise you I have many great examples and tips awaiting you, to help make it as easy as possible! It’s much easier than you think it will be, especially with my helpful guidance. And this family photo session is a great example of how you can look coordinating and cohesive, without being repetitive or too matchy. Keeping your individual style intact, while creating a gorgeous grouping.

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I’ve known this gorgeous mom since….7th grade? We graduated high school together, she looks just as amazing now as she did x years ago! You know how some people seem to look exactly the same at 18 as they do at 40? Yep she’s one of those! Her awesome hubby and kids must be keeping her laughing which as we know is the key to youthfulness!



Twin Cities MN Family Photographer

Sweet Siblings ~ Minnetonka MN Family Photographer

These cutie pies are the cousins previously mentioned in the blog post below! I think this is the….3rd year I’ve had the pleasure of photographing this duo. Little sister use to be pretty unsure about this whole photo thing, but this year was the year I won her over! Which, is pretty typical, as age 3 is when kids start to feel more comfortable during family sessions. She ADORES her big brother, and watching her look at him to adoringly is pretty awesome. I’m sure they have their unloving moments as well, but he is a pretty great big brother. I hope she realizes someday how lucky she is!
I have to admit, I’m pretty happy that plaid has made another comeback lately- as I seriously adore boys in plaid. Maybe it’s my old age and reminiscing of the grunge flannel look of my hey day of college in the early 90s, but I seriously love it.  Especially the new patterns out, that mix plaid and solids or checks- it’s just awesome esp with slightly rolled up sleeves. So. Cute. As a mom of several boys, it’s hard to get stuck in the solid or stripes dominating world, so plaid is thankfully still cool, or again cool? Whatever it is, I love it. Plus- it makes it easier to do fun coordinating outfits for family photos as then not just the girls get to have the fun patterns.

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Twin Cities MN Family Photographer

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