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  • 10-  I’m not as funny as I think I am. I know this. Please humor me anyway.
  • 9- I love watching teenage tv shows… Vampire Diaries, Veronica Mars reruns, iZombie….it’s embarrassing. Almost as embarrassing as my reality tv addition (Survivor anyone?)
  • 8- I sing. A lot. And out of tune. I’m constantly making up songs to the tune of well known songs. Why? Because I think it’s funny. Plus it’s better than my dancing.
  • 7- I’m what some would call “a foodie” and proud! I am a great cook, but I CANNOT bake. Esp cookies. I always burn them. I try to blame my oven… (check out my recipe section under (extras) above for some of our family faves)
  • 6- I love Jon Stewart. And Amy Schumer. LOVE. Smart, funny, and great social commetary- what’s better than that?
  • 5- I’m a big dog person. I apologize now if upon meeting yours I lavish it with love. I can’t help myself. Yes- I have a dog, actually now we have two! Both are Catahoula Leopard Dog mixes. Blue, we adopted in 2015 as a 1yr old, and Oscar was adopted as a puppy in 2016. Both dogs are from Secondhand Hounds. An organization I’m actively involved in, both as a foster family and as a volunteer photographer.
  • 4- The colors in my logo are because of my triplets. When I was working on my logo/branding- green of course was the dominant color theme. The other two children protested. “What about pink and blue- OUR favorite colors?!” they cried… so I added in a little pink and blue to soothe them. What about the newest addition, the fourth pea? Well we’ll see if he has an opinion as he gets older…and to answer the question I got a lot after he was born, no I’m never changing the name to 4 Peas Photography.:)
  • 3- I LOVE crocs and uggs & wear them everyday. If I’m not barefoot, which I prefer most of all. I have many different colors. Yes I know they are ugly and totally a fashion disaster, but I don’t care. And yes, the green crocs are my favorite. Don’t tell the kids.
  • 2- The main reason I love photography- is that it’s a way to freeze time. I’m very sentimental and it helps ease the pain of their fleeting childhood.
  • 1- “It’s all good!” is my favorite phrase. Life is too short to be grouchy:)
My family!
family photography
Me with my kiddos, my little loves (above+below photo by Mindy Harris)
amy siggelkow duffing
The 3 Peas, Wee one, and BlueDog- Dec 2015
minneapolis family photographer
The Fab Four Summer 2013
minneapolis dog photographer
© 3 Peas Photography
Instagram Pic of them at Camp (it’s one of my faves cause #4 is so stinking cute)




Pear Mojitos

My Someday Car

Burts Bees Lip Balm

In Every Pocket…

Mocha- With Extra Chocolate

HIMYM…wait for it…

My Ugg Cardy Boots

My Crocs!

Where I spend Way too much $$$

Cause Ugly IS Cute

My All-Time Favorite Movie


The Best Way To Spread Christmas Cheer….

My Favorite Boden Scarf

My favorite as a kid….and still love it

All Time Fave…Seen them live 17times and counting…

An Addiction…

Best. Kids Show. EVER.

Cutest. Ever. The only Disney movie I actually like…

Parkers Farm Extra Crunchy- how I start my mornings

I own far too many cardigans….

w e l c o m e
f a c e b o o k
n e w s l e t t e r
f o l l o w   u s