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Fall Photos ~ St Paul MN Family Photographer

I’ve had the pleasure of photographing these beautiful boys for a few years now. Sometimes it’s just them, sometimes their cousins are along too! But this is the first time mom and dad have been in front of my camera. Apparently they needed the boys to do it a few years first to show them how it’s done.:)They came out for one of our days of mini sessions last October. The weather was a tad chilly, but the location was in it’s peak fall awesomeness, so it made it worth the brief cold. Plus, more excuse to cuddle together!

family photos mn

As those of you who came out of the mini session last fall know, my assistant Sally was along to help. Sally was my intern way back in 2009, and since then has been my “graphic-guru” behind the scenes. She’s who does most of my design work for clients: albums, cards, collages, etc. I adore her! The fall season is crazy busy, and she is an essential part of my sanity that time of year especially. Sally has been living in Chicago for the past few years and working for me remotely, but this fall she returned to MN for a few months which was amazing. I LOVED having her along for mini sessions as it’s always nice to have an extra hand on those busy days, plus, she’s hilarious and great at getting kids to loosen up. Between the two of us, I always know we will be able to get those giggles to come out! Since she’s been seeing all of you via working for me all these years, she also got to finally meet so many of the cute kids who she’s been watching grow up all these years through photos and holiday cards. I’m hoping that she decides to come back again this year, so keep your fingers crossed for me.:D

Saint Paul Family Photos

Giggles Galore ~ Minneapolis Family Photographer

I’ve been photographing this awesome crew, since they were each teeny tiny! In fact, an image from my very first session with this family back with sister was a little cherub baby, is framed and up on my studio wall. CLICK HERE to see which image I mean, and also to ooooh and ahhhhh over the boys insane cuteness. If they also look familiar to those of you who’ve been to the studio, it’s because I have an album from that session on display as well (have to represent all the kids after all!)

I can always count on this family to bring their joyful personalities- and if the kids need a little extra silliness I know I can always count on their dad to make them laugh. He knows just how to get them to crack up. I think that’s a talent most dad’s have it seems- even my own kids think my hubby is funnier than me. They often find it hard to believe I’m so good at getting kids to laugh during photo sessions, as with them I get more roll-their-eyes-and-groan. See that’s why I need this gig- at least other people’s kids think I’m amusing, even it’s it mostly because I’m pretty dorky, I’ll still take it!

Their session was at a new location for me last year, and one I’m excited to return to again. I did several sessions there last fall, and really loved it, the light was lovely and it’s only 10min from the studio, bonus! Now that most parks require photography permits, I have to pick & choose which ones I want to purchase each year. Some I do every year (like the Arboretum) but others I rotate so I can try new places. This was a new find and I think will turn into a regular!

family photographer minneapolis

Twin Cities Family Photos

Sunny Days ~ Minnetonka Family Photographer

This dreary weather week is making me yearn for the long days of sunlight that will someday be here! This adorable family came to one of our very popular outdoor mini sessions this past fall. Ever since I started offering set days of outdoor fall mini sessions, they have been hugely popular and are filled up each year by returning clients. They know a good thing from experience so tend to hop on them while they last! This family I hadn’t seen them in a few years so it was fun to see how much they have grown and changed! Such sweet boys, and mom and dad were pros! And I just the love how serious little man was- it’s SO Cute! He’s a thinker that one… Getting caught up on my blog posts has really been fun- remembering that the warmer weather will be here before we know it- along with it mother nature will show us her pretty side!

family photos mn

family photographer mn

My Favorite Redheaded Trio ~ Minneapolis Children’s Photographer

I’ve been photographing this awesome family since 2008, and every year they just get spunkier and more fun! I always know they are going to show me their energy and personalities- and will have me laughing so hard I often tip over. They are goofballs and I love that! I think it’s all the awesome red hair.;) This year we did their session at their home, which is something I just love to do. Photographing kids around their homes and in their neighborhoods is such a great way to personalize the session to truly make it their own. I find it gives kids an instant comfort as well, being in familiar surroundings.

minneapolis kids photos

I just LOVE this whole series of them right on their front lawn….. <3

minneapolis family photos
minneapolis children

Clients often worry about “where should we do the session?” – and of course I have many favorites of mine that I truly love for the scenery and lighting, and I always have suggestions…. but really, in many ways it doesn’t matter. While sometimes the background definitely can add to the photograph for sure, often times especially with kids, it doesn’t matter. The image isn’t about what’s around them- it’s about them. The kids are the focus, that’s what’s most important. Plus, you’d be amazed how a location you might think of as nothing special, can really have some amazing little hidden pockets of awesomeness. As a photographer, my eye is trained to see these things, and I love that challenge in new locations. Neighborhoods are always ripe for lots and lot of options. I’m particularly fond of S Mpls, where this family resides. There’s just something about the light in South Minneapolis. I can’t really explain it, but it just glows differently. Perhaps it’s the trees, or all the cool old homes with great architecture, and tall so they cast shadows in just the right places. But I really love it. Often times when I know a client lives near the lakes, I suggest we go their home/neighborhood for those reasons. Plus- what’s easier for your session than not having to go anywhere and having me just show up at your front door?:)

Minneapolis Family Photos

Lynn McLean - Tuesday, March 31, 2015 - 9:16 am

Pictures of these grandchildren are gifts for forever. This time I especially love the one of Ava running out in front as her two brothers follow along. It so captures who they are as individuals and as a family. I smile when I see it or even think about it. Thank you

Lynn Harvey McLean - Tuesday, March 31, 2015 - 2:12 pm

As their grandmother they’ve been my favorite redheaded trio from the beginning…even before there were three. Love them, love their pictures.

Pretty Munchkin - Thursday, April 2, 2015 - 5:53 am

For custom photo shoot accessories:
Thank you!!

Spunky Siblings ~ Plymouth MN Kids Photographer

The snow is once again covering my yard, but someday, soon, it will look like this again…..right?!
These two had a blast at our photo session. They laughed so much, it made me feel like a superstar.
I’d like to think I’m that funny, but really I know it’s just that they are kids who are happy, cheerful and break into giggles easily. So- yeah, they pretty much made my job a cakewalk.

Little brother was as sweet as pie, and had a awesome energy. What is is about little boys, even when they are sitting down, they are still always wiggling or moving in some way. As a mom of three boys myself- it’s amazing to me how they always are in motion. Oh to bottle up that energy….better that coffee. Big sister loved the camera- and loved to run and dance. And her hair? I know, seriously…..I always wanted red hair. One summer after college I died it strawberry blond, but I sadly came to the conclusion I just can’t pull it off, so back to dirty blond it went. Sigh…. I learned recently there’s a difference between Irish red, and Italian Red- I don’t remember the details, but it was pretty interesting. I don’t know where her hair falls in that deal, but it sure is insanely gorgeous…



Doing all this blog catch up is making me so excited for warmer weather to arrive, so we can once again get outside for portraits! While I love my studio, my heart is in outdoor photos. I think kids are just freer and more themselves when they have space and fresh air. Not to mention, the space to do what I call “catch and release” with kids. You have to let them run and play, so that you can get them to sit for a minute.:)


Twin Cities Children’s Photographer

My TQ Sisters

If you follow me on Instagram you probably saw an influx of tropical photos over the weekend.
Often times- people ask about having triplets, and how it was in the beginning. While we were fortunate to have family nearby to call in if we needed them. None could truly relate to the daily, often hourly mental exhaustion of life with triplets/quads.  Thankfully- I found others who did. 20+ fellow triplet/quad moms in the trenches as well. I have known these women/friends, since we were all pregnant, back in early 2002. We live all over the county, and connect via email (remember yahoo groups?) Our emotional support went from pregnancy to cheering when babies left the NICU, crying when they didn’t. We helped each other through challenges of newborns, babies, toddlers and of course potty training. (I think we all deserve a medal for helping them all through THAT stage) We shared photos of their first day of school, and birthday parties, and sought advice about sibling drama and ideas for how to manage homework and activities. Now 13yrs from when we first connected, we talk about puberty and middle school, and worry about whether cell phones are a good thing or evil. While we often talk about the kids, over the years we’ve been there for each other through marriage troubles, deaths of parents, moves, you name it.
Through it all- we’ve had each other to turn to, for tips, advice and support.
The fact that I had 20+ women with triplets/quads at the same stages (all our kids are born within 4months of each other) was something that I don’t think words can ever truly express. A few years into our journey together, someone suggested an actual in-person get together. So now, pretty yearly we have a get together that someone graciously hosts, and those that can make it, attend. The group is a little different each time depending on schedules, but it’s always a blast. I love these women. They are my sisters through experience. It’s hard to put in words. But when we get together, we feel it. It’s a sense of gratitude and love and friendship, and a true appreciation for what we found all those years ago, and continue to foster today.

A few photos from our reunion in Key Biscayne this year. The weather was glorious, but the company even better.

key biscayne vacation photographer

Cathy Buggy - Tuesday, March 24, 2015 - 9:03 pm

So truly happy for all of you! You can never have enough sisters!

Kim Edwards - Tuesday, March 24, 2015 - 9:38 pm

“Sisters through experience” love it! Missed you all xoxo

Katie Belko - Tuesday, March 24, 2015 - 9:49 pm

Love you! Summed it up so well

Renee Robichaud Ruggiero - Wednesday, March 25, 2015 - 2:32 am


Adorable Duo ~ Twin Cities Children’s Photographer

I just love when I see these two every year! They are so spunky, and so sweet, and just LOVE having their portraits taken.
Or maybe it’s just that they love me, either way, I’ll take it! This year we did a combo session of doing some photos inside the studio,
and some outside in the studio side yard. One of my favorite things about my natural light studio, is that that I have amazing lighting
both inside and out. Since it’s literally right outside, it also makes it easy to do a combo of indoor/outdoor at a session, even a mini
session such as this! Studio minis are really a great option for those looking for updated portraits of their children, but don’t need the full
show of a signature session, and don’t want family images. Mini sessions are fun, easy, and great for when you don’t want a ton of photos
to choose from, and also perfect for those on a tighter budget since there’s no minimum purchase requirement.
Since I started offering studio minis 3yrs ago, they’ve become a popular option, especially for wee ones- as they change so often
and you want to document the stages, but don’t always need a full family session each time.

Here’s a peek of a few of the outdoor images from their our mini session last summer. Nope- not twins! Just close in age:)

kids photos mn


Eden Prairie MN Photographer

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