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My TQ Sisters

If you follow me on Instagram you probably saw an influx of tropical photos over the weekend.
Often times- people ask about having triplets, and how it was in the beginning. While we were fortunate to have family nearby to call in if we needed them. None could truly relate to the daily, often hourly mental exhaustion of life with triplets/quads.  Thankfully- I found others who did. 20+ fellow triplet/quad moms in the trenches as well. I have known these women/friends, since we were all pregnant, back in early 2002. We live all over the county, and connect via email (remember yahoo groups?) Our emotional support went from pregnancy to cheering when babies left the NICU, crying when they didn’t. We helped each other through challenges of newborns, babies, toddlers and of course potty training. (I think we all deserve a medal for helping them all through THAT stage) We shared photos of their first day of school, and birthday parties, and sought advice about sibling drama and ideas for how to manage homework and activities. Now 13yrs from when we first connected, we talk about puberty and middle school, and worry about whether cell phones are a good thing or evil. While we often talk about the kids, over the years we’ve been there for each other through marriage troubles, deaths of parents, moves, you name it.
Through it all- we’ve had each other to turn to, for tips, advice and support.
The fact that I had 20+ women with triplets/quads at the same stages (all our kids are born within 4months of each other) was something that I don’t think words can ever truly express. A few years into our journey together, someone suggested an actual in-person get together. So now, pretty yearly we have a get together that someone graciously hosts, and those that can make it, attend. The group is a little different each time depending on schedules, but it’s always a blast. I love these women. They are my sisters through experience. It’s hard to put in words. But when we get together, we feel it. It’s a sense of gratitude and love and friendship, and a true appreciation for what we found all those years ago, and continue to foster today.

A few photos from our reunion in Key Biscayne this year. The weather was glorious, but the company even better.

key biscayne vacation photographer

Cathy Buggy - Tuesday, March 24, 2015 - 9:03 pm

So truly happy for all of you! You can never have enough sisters!

Kim Edwards - Tuesday, March 24, 2015 - 9:38 pm

“Sisters through experience” love it! Missed you all xoxo

Katie Belko - Tuesday, March 24, 2015 - 9:49 pm

Love you! Summed it up so well

Renee Robichaud Ruggiero - Wednesday, March 25, 2015 - 2:32 am


Adorable Duo ~ Twin Cities Children’s Photographer

I just love when I see these two every year! They are so spunky, and so sweet, and just LOVE having their portraits taken.
Or maybe it’s just that they love me, either way, I’ll take it! This year we did a combo session of doing some photos inside the studio,
and some outside in the studio side yard. One of my favorite things about my natural light studio, is that that I have amazing lighting
both inside and out. Since it’s literally right outside, it also makes it easy to do a combo of indoor/outdoor at a session, even a mini
session such as this! Studio minis are really a great option for those looking for updated portraits of their children, but don’t need the full
show of a signature session, and don’t want family images. Mini sessions are fun, easy, and great for when you don’t want a ton of photos
to choose from, and also perfect for those on a tighter budget since there’s no minimum purchase requirement.
Since I started offering studio minis 3yrs ago, they’ve become a popular option, especially for wee ones- as they change so often
and you want to document the stages, but don’t always need a full family session each time.

Here’s a peek of a few of the outdoor images from their our mini session last summer. Nope- not twins! Just close in age:)

kids photos mn


Eden Prairie MN Photographer

Brothers ~ Minnetonka Kids Photographer


These two brothers were a HOOT! Their grandmother brought them in to the studio back in December, for holiday photos.
They were so much fun- just cheerful, goofy, sweet boys. I was their first stop, before heading to see Santa at the mall.
At one point they were thinking of silly words and one said to the other “we better not say potty words,
especially since we’re about to see Santa!” I about died. SO funny.

photographer wazyata mn


Minneapolis Children’s Photographer

Sweet Siblings ~ Minneapolis Baby Photographer

These two adorable kiddos came into the studio for a mini session! Mom had big brothers portraits taken around this same stage when they lived in another state, and wanted to capture some at the same stage for his sweet little sister. In the world being small, I actually know their previous photographer from spending years together on a children’s photography forum. It was so fun when I asked who their photographer was and I ended up knowing her! The studio is such a great space for mini sessions, as it has amazing natural light all day long, and has room to let kids have room to play and feel comfortable. Since I have a huge wall of windows letting in amazing light, I don’t need to contain them to certain spots to use studio lighting. It makes it a super fun experience for them, and a stress free one for mom/dad! Not to mention, gorgeous natural light highlighting their supreme cuteness! These two really shined- and don’t they look gorgeous in blue!? Love it….

baby photographer minnetonka


Minneapolis Baby Photos

Four Generations ~ Lake Minnetonka Family Photographer

I’ve become quite fond of multi-generation family photo sessions.
So when this family’s contacted me, and said there were FOUR generations I was so very excited.
I was even more thrilled once I met them. They are the most chill, friendly, just awesome family.
There’s an ease to their togetherness. A comfort level so palpable, that you can only feel at home when you are with them.
They made my job easy, as they are just so genuine and kind. Not to mention their home, is truly a photographers dream.
So much natural light and gorgeous decor, I think my heart beat out of my chest when I walked in.
We had intended to do some outdoor photos on the lake, but if you remember last summer we had so much rain that Lake Minnetonka flooded? Yep, their whole backyard was under water! It was crazy. But- in a way I’m really glad we were forced inside, as it brought a cozy, familiar dynamic to the session with I think only made the images so much more meaningful, and beautiful.

minnetonka family photographer

Four generations. It makes my heart so happy. Not to mention, how handsome are these men- and how adorable is little man!
Watching his great grandfather hold him- and baby talk him, made me melt.
All three of these men are obviously wonderful fathers, and what better legacy can you hand down to your son.
And watching her the great grandparents together- how connected they were, and how much in love after all those years.
It was inspiring. What great role models to their family on how to be a loving couple.
How to remain young at heart, and laugh and enjoy your family.

minnetonka family photos

And these two- could they be any cuter??

minnetonka family photography


Thank you E family for having me document your amazing family. It was truly a pleasure!

Family Photos Lake Minnetonka

Fun Family Portraits ~ Hopkins MN Photographer

More blog catch up! You may recognize this adorable family as they’ve graced the blog a few times, as little man is part of our watch-me-grow baby plan so we get to see them every few months! I love baby plan clients as it’s so much fun to see how much the little ones change between each stage. From newborn sleepy sweetness, to that adorable sitting stage, to busy crawlers, and then the full on standing/walking (and in some cases running). It’s pretty amazing the developmental changes that happen in the very first year. For a walk down memory lane- you can see his newborn session here, and his six month session here.

So little man has turned one, and we did his session on a beautiful fall day. There’s just something about the warm glow of fall, with the crisp air, it’s just so awesome in general, and so great for family photos when you want to wear layers and cozy sweaters and cute scarves. Like this family, who rocked their outfit choices that day. I love denim in photos, and pretty much everyone looks good in blues, so add some accent colors and a few layers and accessories and you have some rocking outfits for portraits.

family photos mn

We had a great time romping around in the leaves, and letting the kids be kids, and letting mom and dad love them up like they always do. The photos of parents 1:1 with their little loves are often my favorites in a session. I think partly because you just know, when the kids are grown and looking back at the photographs from their childhood, those will be ones they will cherish even more. It’s the visual evidence that they were so, so loved for their own identity. Photos with their sister or brother are fun, but the ones of them with mom and/or dad….those are the ones that will warm their hearts most. And mom/dad will look at them in 20yrs and remember when they were so little they could be tossed in the air or be held easily in their arms…

family photographer minneapolis


Family Photos Minnetonka MN

1st Birthday Cake ~ Minnetonka Baby Photographer

This ADORABLE little dude came into the studio on his actual birthday. What better way to celebrate your first birthday than with cake? And of course a photographer there to capture the whole experience of diving into that delicious cake. Every 1 yr old takes a different approach to cake. Some  won’t go near it, some cry, some tentatively poke at it….and some, like Teddy- just GO for it. Mmmmmm he’s a man after my own heart. If you’re going to do it, than really dig in, right? He was SO funny. This entire series of photos was probably less than 5minutes. He made very fast work of it, that’s for sure!

smash cake photos

These are my favorite cake smash photos from our session- because it really showcases how he really committed, with both hands, AND both feet. It totally cracks me up… I’m pretty sure he had to have a had a pretty serious sugar crash after this…

smash cake photos mn


Hopkins MN Baby Photographer

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