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Fall Signature Sessions ~ Edina Family Photographer

I can tell by the sheer number of “back to school” flyers and catalogs coming daily in my mailbox, that fall really is just around the corner! Fall is of course the most popular time for our studio, as it’s long been a favorite time of year for family portrait sessions. There’s just something extra cozy about photographing families in the fall! If you’re interested in booking a fall portrait session for your family, be sure to schedule soon, as dates are filling up fast! My August newsletter went out this morning- which typically means a call to action to my clients to get on our calendar!

This family have been 3 Peas clients since their oldest was just a wee little lad. I always look forward to our sessions every year, as I know the boys will be SO much fun, as they always bring such great energy, while still being their sweet selves. Plus, being a veteran of photo sessions, their mom always does such a great job of coordinating outfits for their family. I always say it’s much harder to do when you have only boys! She nails it every year. When I pulled up to their house last fall for this session, I loved the vibe instantly. Warm yet bright, and very much in sync with their personalities. If you’ve been to my studio, you surely recognize these boys from our session a few years ago, as I have their scooter riding photograph large up on my wall, as it’s an all time favorite. It’s really an honor to photograph families year after year, and it’s something I treasure, that I get to be part of their family legacy…in the photos I provide them.

We held their session right in their front yard, and a little bit just tromping around their neighborhood sidewalks. People often think they need elaborate landscaping to have a session at their home, but you really don’t. While this family does happen to have a fantastic yard and home, the feel of the session lends itself to both being more personal, but still classic at the same time. As it’s not really about the location, it’s about the family, their connections, and their spirits.

Signature sessions really give us time to romp and play, giving kids lots freedom to move and play. It really provides us with such great ability to have natural photographs. They can just kick back, relax, have fun with each other, and trust that the images resulting from our time together will be awesome! A few of my faves from our session:

family photographer mn

Tre Cavil - Friday, August 15, 2014 - 11:24 am

Great looking family! I like their color scheme choice.

Sweet Baby Cameron ~ MN Newborn Photographer

This adorable couple brought in their equally adorable new baby boy for his very first portraits! Newborn photography is something I really love, as it’s a nice switch especially in the summertime when I’m doing most of my photo sessions outside. While the main motivation for having a natural light studio was to have a place to work in the colder months, it’s actually become just as busy IN the studio as out this time of year! When five years ago I first ventured into having a studio, I really didn’t predict how popular studio newborn sessions would become. Having been entirely on location before, I just assumed that most clients would continue to prefer in-home sessions. The ease of not having to go anywhere with the new baby, etc… but what I’ve found, is that new parents actually find it LESS stressful to come to the studio! I’m sure my vast supply of newborn props is a draw also, but when chatting with new parents, they love that they don’t have to pick up/clean before the session, and can just come, chill at the studio, and not worry about a thing. While I do still on occasion so in-home newborn sessions, it’s become the exception rather than the norm. And I personally happen to love that I can offer both. Clients can choose if they want the more casual lifestyle, photojournalistic feel of a home session, OR they can come in to the studio for a more traditional yet modern style, newborn session. I purposely designed my studio with a clean, modern and contemporary look and feel. White walls, wood floors, a whole wall of amazing windows to shower us with light. It’s really something I didn’t predict I would love as much as I do, just as my clients seem to as well.

Okay- enough babbling- onto the super cute newborn photos!

newborn photographer minneapolis

This gorgeous gray blanket was made with love for him…I love when clients bring in personal items we can include.

newborn photographer twin cities

mn newborn photographer

I LOVE macro baby photos…and love that they chose these for their collage…

baby photography


Tre Cavil - Friday, August 15, 2014 - 11:26 am

Beautiful photography! Absolutely love the 1st and 3rd portraits!

Teddy-licious ~ Twin Cities MN Baby Photographer

Okay seriously…..there’s something insanely adorable about six to seven month old babies. I personally think it’s when they are at their peak of “omg I want to kiss that baby!” stage. As they can sit up, they laugh all the time, and they can’t crawl away from you yet! It’s surely why companies like Gerber and Pampers so often use this stage in their advertising/marketing. It’s just such a swoonable stage! This little man was the perfect example of how insanely cute babies are at this stage of life!
We did Teddy’s milestone session at the studio, as it enabled us to do both indoor studio portraits, as well as photograph outdoors as well! One of my favorite things about my studio space, is that I have amazing natural light inside, and some great little options outside the studio as well in our side yard. It’s an easy way to have that variety, all in one spot! Most clients don’t even realize we have a side yard (probably because it’s “kid-sized” (i.e. tiny) but it’s small size is a bonus as times as it’s a natural containment for kids!:)

We started our session inside the studio- where his mom pulled out some swanky outfits. I about died. SO cute.

baby photographer twin cities

Is he not one dapper little dude?!

baby photographer edina

Boys always end up with the best eyelashes- why is that? Seems so unfair…

baby photographer minnetonka

Then we headed outside! Babies in overalls….probably my favorite classic look of all time. I always always love it.

baby photography minneapolis

I just LOVE how expressive babies are at this age- in a matter of 2min I can photograph so many different faces!

3 peas photography
Teddy also has a crazy cute sister, who is the sweetest thing, and I can’t leave her out of the blog post!
3 peas photography

The adorable twosome!

twin cities photographer

Thanks A family for another fantastic session! I can’t wait to see how much he’s grown at his 1yr portrait session! ~Amy

Vanessa Estensguardo - Sunday, August 3, 2014 - 9:26 pm

Super cute!

Tre Cavil - Friday, August 15, 2014 - 11:27 am

OMG! Super adorable kids. LOVE the photos with the hats!!!!!!!!!

Super Heroes ~ Minneapolis MN Family Photographer

Oh how I LOVE LOVE LOVE this session!! I’ve been photographing this family since little man was still in his momma’s belly- making this our 7th session together! I always look forward to our sessions every year, as not only are the kids sweet as pie, their mom and dad know how to just chill and be themselves at our sessions. People often ask me “how do you get such natural family photos?” well- of course part of it is my skilled direction (ha-ha) and the fact that I make them play games and do fun stuff,  but a big part of it, is I honestly get the BEST families. Who want their real personalities to shine, so all they really have to do is be their natural, loving selves! This family has that down pat. They make my job easy, as they know how to just let go, have fun, trust that I will make them look great.

What a GORGEOUS night we had out at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. It’s one of my favorite places to do family sessions, as it gives us so much space to explore and play and relax. I’ve had a photographers permit there for years, and it never lets me down, as it’s just gorgeous year round! With little kids especially, giving them room to stretch their legs helps keep them fresh and cooperative when I reel them back in  for more time in front of the camera. It also gives me amazing backgrounds for both the candid images of them exploring, and the more planned portraits. Plus, with how huge it is, I can come out there year after year, and always find new spots for my repeat clients.

A little Ring-Around-The-Rosie

family photographer minneapolis
minneapolis family photographer

Oh how I adore this one….

twin cities family photographer

Quite possibly one of my favorite father/son images of all time. This was all them- which I think is why I love it so much,

as this is something they do together all the time, and that makes it feel so authentic and genuine.
Sometimes super heroes need some help to fly… 

family photography mn

The Gorgeous Girl, in a more serious moment. Oh how I love her eyes. And how cute is her braid?

kid photography

Over the years he’s really come out of his shell with me, and it makes me feel all warm & happy when he flashes me his amazing smile.

edina mn family photographer

A tradition- I’ve been photographing them with these bears since they were teeny-tiny babies. It’s been SO much fun to do a photo with them each year, to show how much they are growing in comparison to their favorite teddy bears! And those bears look a little more well loved each year, it’s going to be fun to see what shape they are in for photos when the kids are teenagers!:)

chanhassen family photographer

Thanks S family for another amazing year! <3 ~Amy

Tre Cavil - Friday, August 15, 2014 - 11:29 am

Oh wow! So adorable! Such a creative concept!

Dylan’s 9m Milestone Session ~ Minnetonka MN Baby Photographer

Oh what a difference three months can make! This adorable little man came into the studio for his 9m session,
and WOW has he changed since his 6m studio session.
Click here to see him just a mere 3m ago!

I think it’s mostly the hair don’t you think?
I’m always amazed how much they change just in the few months between their milestone sessions, as you can just see the baby stages ever so slowly slipping away, and can start to see the soon to be toddler-ness starting to appear. It’s sort of bittersweet for sure- but it also what makes it SO fun to look back at photos from all the adorable stages!

I know my kids LOVE to look at their own baby pictures. And this sitting/standing stage is seriously SO cute. My own trio who are now soon to be 6th graders, have already picked out the baby photo they each want as part of their graduation next year from elementary school, and they’ve picked photos from the 6/9 month stage. The thought of they graduating next year and starting middle school is enough to make me start to hyperventilate….and pull out the baby photos and oooooh and ahhhh over how cute they were, and just how crazy fast it all flies. We’ve attended a few high school graduation parties this summer, and I feel like that weird old neighbor lady always sighing with the “oh I remember when you were starting kindergarten!” and their moms look at me and say “oh just wait….it goes to fast” Which again, starts me to slightly panic. SLOW. DOWN. I am one of those parents who’s never in a hurry for the next stage. I’ve so rarely said “Oh I can’t wait until they can _____” I’m the opposite. I’m the mom pushing the baby down when they start to stand so they don’t walk too soon (okay not really…well maybe just once..)  I remember when they started kindergarten and got on that bus excitedly and ready to tackle the world….I did cry (okay sobbed) but it was a mix of missing them, and knowing they are “out there” now- but also, very very excited for them and proud of who they were starting to become.

Okay- now that I’ve unloaded some emotional ramblings….on to the super cute images of Dylan from his 9m session!:D

baby photographer minneapolis

Lovely Lily ~ Twin Cities Baby Photographer

Adorable Miss Lily came into the studio, and was by FAR the best newborn I’ve had in a LONG time- and by best,
I mean this little baby girl slept like a champ for her photo session, not so much as a peep out of her!
I think it’s the name, as I have a Lily in my house, and she sleeps like a superstar too… and by superstar,
I mean she likes to stay up late and sleep till noon.:) Sweet newborn baby Lily was just content as could be- I’d like to think it was my baby whisperer ways, but really some babies are just super zen at sessions, and she was one of those babies.
Not to mention she’s seriously the cutest thing, those CHEEKS! How can you not want to smooch them.
I’m sure her parents have laid about 1000000000 on her already.


newborn photographer minneapolis

I think this next one is my favorite…she just looks so cozy and content

newborn photographer mn

baby photography

Along with being an amazing sleeper, she was also the SMILIEST baby!

newborn photography

And last but not least, her adoring parents. I think it’s safe to say they are smitten.
They’ve waited a long time for her to arrive, and she was worth every minute…

baby photographer minnetonka


Thank you A&E for choosing me to document your precious little bundle of love’s first year of life. I can’t wait to watch her grow! ~Amy

Tre Cavil - Friday, August 15, 2014 - 11:30 am

So precious!!!

Ella Enchanted ~ Minnetonka Newborn Photographer

Sweet little Ella came into the studio for some newborn portraits, and was SUCH a little sweetie! I’ve had a run of babies with lots of hair, and having had super bald babies myself, I have to admit I just adore when newborns have a full head of hair! I always wonder if the hair will stay, especially the same color. I know I have nieces who were born with tons of dark hair, only to late become blondes! You just never know! One of my favorite parts of newborn photo sessions, is being able to chat with mom while the session is taking place. The luxury of having a studio, is that the parents can kick back and relax, and let me do all the work while they look on, and ooooh and ahhhh over how adorable their baby is, and of course what an awesome baby whisperer I am;)

minnetonka baby photographer

Ella was gorgeous in purple, I love when clients pick out bold accent colors for their images, to off set the soft neutral baby feel.

newborn photographer mn

I’ve always had a soft spot for baby feet, and baby toes…there’s just something about that tiny baby part that’s so adorable to me…

mn baby photographer

Thank you H family for entrusting me to take your family’s newborn portraits of your sweet baby! ~Amy

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