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Fun Family Portraits ~ Hopkins MN Photographer

More blog catch up! You may recognize this adorable family as they’ve graced the blog a few times, as little man is part of our watch-me-grow baby plan so we get to see them every few months! I love baby plan clients as it’s so much fun to see how much the little ones change between each stage. From newborn sleepy sweetness, to that adorable sitting stage, to busy crawlers, and then the full on standing/walking (and in some cases running). It’s pretty amazing the developmental changes that happen in the very first year. For a walk down memory lane- you can see his newborn session here, and his six month session here.

So little man has turned one, and we did his session on a beautiful fall day. There’s just something about the warm glow of fall, with the crisp air, it’s just so awesome in general, and so great for family photos when you want to wear layers and cozy sweaters and cute scarves. Like this family, who rocked their outfit choices that day. I love denim in photos, and pretty much everyone looks good in blues, so add some accent colors and a few layers and accessories and you have some rocking outfits for portraits.

family photos mn

We had a great time romping around in the leaves, and letting the kids be kids, and letting mom and dad love them up like they always do. The photos of parents 1:1 with their little loves are often my favorites in a session. I think partly because you just know, when the kids are grown and looking back at the photographs from their childhood, those will be ones they will cherish even more. It’s the visual evidence that they were so, so loved for their own identity. Photos with their sister or brother are fun, but the ones of them with mom and/or dad….those are the ones that will warm their hearts most. And mom/dad will look at them in 20yrs and remember when they were so little they could be tossed in the air or be held easily in their arms…

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Family Photos Minnetonka MN

1st Birthday Cake ~ Minnetonka Baby Photographer

This ADORABLE little dude came into the studio on his actual birthday. What better way to celebrate your first birthday than with cake? And of course a photographer there to capture the whole experience of diving into that delicious cake. Every 1 yr old takes a different approach to cake. Some  won’t go near it, some cry, some tentatively poke at it….and some, like Teddy- just GO for it. Mmmmmm he’s a man after my own heart. If you’re going to do it, than really dig in, right? He was SO funny. This entire series of photos was probably less than 5minutes. He made very fast work of it, that’s for sure!

smash cake photos

These are my favorite cake smash photos from our session- because it really showcases how he really committed, with both hands, AND both feet. It totally cracks me up… I’m pretty sure he had to have a had a pretty serious sugar crash after this…

smash cake photos mn


Hopkins MN Baby Photographer

Sweet Sisters ~ Plymouth MN Children’s Photographer


Spring is coming! Spring is coming! Well, eventually anyway. This relative heat wave we are experiencing gives us all hope that soon, very soon the snow will be gone, and in it’s place lovely green grass and beautiful flowers. In my continued blog catching up- today’s feature is from a session last summer. These two ADORABLE girls were a dream to photograph. So sweet and so sisterly. There’s just something about summer dresses. I remember when it was all my own daughter would wear once the weather got warm. She lived in dresses. Which, she’s not a super girly-girl, but she just loved the ease of one piece, and insisted it was so much cooler than shirts + shorts. Those days sadly ended around age 9 for her- she switched her fashion sense into more Ts and shorts. She will still occasionally wear a dress by her own choice, but long gone are those summers of endless dresses. Sniff…sniff…

Anyways- this session was all kinds of awesome. Adoring sisters who love to laugh and run and dance. We walked, we talked, they laughed and danced and played and whispered secrets to each other… It was all kinds of wonderful.

Our session took place at one of my most popular locations for family photos, the MN Landscape Arboretum in Chanhassen. I’ve had a photographers permit to do sessions there for many years now, and it’s really an amazing place. Over a thousand acres of gorgeous land- filled with gardens, prairies, orchards, and paths. My favorite thing about the Arboretum, is that I can go there time and time again, and always find new little perfect pockets for photos.

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Oh how I LOVE this series of them in the rose gardens. Girls in dresses dancing among the roses while chasing bubbles. It doesn’t get much cuter than that! I mean, seriously….it just makes the heart happy.

plymouth mn family photos


Plymouth MN Family Photos

Cora Lee Monroe - Saturday, March 7, 2015 - 3:15 am

Wonderful pictures of wonderful young ladies.

Fall Family Photos ~ Edina MN Family Photographer

I have been photographing this family since their oldest was only 6months old. I get to see them at least once a year for family photos, and I always know our sessions will be easy-peasy, AND I will likely fall over laughing at some point, because they totally crack me up. Some brothers and sisters want nothing to do with each other. Not these two. He has been a sweet, kind and adoring brother from the beginning (well at least for photos!) and she the worshipping little sister who laughs at all his jokes, happily hugs him tight, and is pretty much up for whatever he wants to do. Plus she laughs so hard at my stupidest jokes…. needless to say I adore her.:) I was looking back over some of our sessions with the two of them over the years, and this first “sibling” session we did- is one of my all time faves. See- he was so sweet to her from the very beginning!

They are one of the many families I see yearly for family portraits, and that keeps me on my toes. As I’m always searching for new locations for sessions so I’m not bringing all my regulars to the same places year after year. Often in fall, the location of our sessions is a last minute decision, as I really like to keep my options open, so I can keep an eye on the fall colors and how they are shaping up. I am scouting several times a week come September and October, as when the fall season rolls in, things can go from drab, to gorgeous, back to drab again, in the matter of days. Fortunately, it happens to different places at different times, and after all these years I have so many options to choose from, that there’s pretty much always a beautiful location just prime for our sessions.


edina family photos
edina mn family photos


Family Photos Minneapolis MN

Sisters and their Adoring Dog ~ Minneapolis Family Photographer

I’ve been photographing these adorable sisters since the oldest was a newborn. I love seeing them every year, as they are just the SWEETEST girls! When I first met them for their newborn session at their home, I was first greeted by their super dog, Tex. Tex, an Australian Shepherd (my favorite!!) was a doll. A typical Aussie- lots of energy, and devoted to his people. We’d talked about including him in photo sessions over the years, but given his, um, super exuberance, they opted to wait until the girls were a little older. So, this year was the year. Tex came with this fall for their annual photo session. He was his true spunky self, but due to the help of my awesome assistant (and dog whisperer) Sally, we managed to wrangle some photos of them together. Success!

This weekend they sent me an email, letting me know the sad news that Tex had died. I am heartbroken for them. Having lost our own Aussie this summer, I know so well the pain of losing your long time pup. It’s gut wrenching. We too, finally did family photos including the dog the previous fall, and have a large canvas of our family including him in our living room. So I know how very much they will also treasure this photo of him with his adoring sisters. RIP Tex- I know you will be missed so much.


minnetonka family photographer

Sisters. Having grown up with only brothers, I’ve always been a little fascinated by sisters. Among my best friends when I was young, was a set of twins. I was always SO envious of their relationship and that they had each other. My own daughter, also an only girl surrounded by boys, ironically has twin girls for her BFFs as well. I know she too wishes she had a sister, but it just wasn’t in the cards for her. I often tell her, the best thing is, that you get to choose your own “sisters”- your friends will become like family to you, and while not quite the same thing, it’s pretty freaking awesome.


Minneapolis Family Photos

Shannon Ganje Elkins - Wednesday, March 18, 2015 - 5:29 pm

Thank you for your kind words. You have become a friend of our family and we love how easily you can capture the smiles of our children! You are the best!

Gorgeous Fall Family Photos ~ Minnetonka Family Photographer

Remember when it was warm outside and the trees were in full fall glory? Me neither…but these family photographs prove that it did exist! And in only, um, 8 more months it’ll be back! Fall is always the busiest time here at the studio- as we MN people really have a thing about photographing our families in the glory of fall. Since we’re typically swamped with photo sessions, my poor poor blog sits, unupdated, for months at a time. Until February hits, and I can finally come up for air having recovered from another awesome holiday season. So be prepared for an onslaught of peeks at sessions from a few months ago. Finally getting the chance to blog sessions, is making me long for warmer days where we can go outside without fear of frostbite! Time will come, time will come, so until then I’ll reminisce….

This GORGEOUS family had the most perfect weather for our session in late October. Sweet adorable Miss S, was always camera ready. She had lots to tell me, and show me, and loved being in front of the camera. My kinda girl! Her (OMG SO CUTE) little brother N, was less sure of the situation- but his serious looks just KILL me- he’s sooooo cute – that hair and those CHEEKS! You may recognize him as being the super baby model from the CC&Mays shoot I did last winter- look at how much he’s grown! I mean honestly….could these two be any more adorable? And their little dog? Such a peanut and just as cute!

They picked a classic color palette for their clothing choices for their session. The what to wear for photos is often one of the hardest things clients struggle with I find. But I’m here every step of the way to help you! The navy/blue/cream or grey is one of those easy palettes to go with, especially in fall, as nearly everyone looks amazing in blue tones and it works so well outdoors against browns and greens of nature.

family photos mn



Family Photos Minnetonka

Holiday Princesses ~ Minneapolis Children’s Photographer

These two gorgeous girls came into the studio shortly before the holidays. There’s just something about holiday dresses on little girls, isn’t there? It makes me miss the days when my own little princess could fit into toddler sizes- as they really just do have the best most adorable dresses for the little ones! I’m a huge fan of classic black/white/red combos for studio sessions around the  holidays. It’s just such a timeless color palette. I have returned to it myself a few times over the years with my own kids.

One of the many reasons I love having a studio space, is that once the weather is too cold, or the outside scenery has turned brown and full, the studio is such a great option especially for shorter studio mini sessions. The clean modern design of our natural light studios really allows for the focus to be on the children. Our studio allows kids the room to move around, and even dance. I love that we have the room to let them be kids. That’s pretty much how I like to roll when it comes to studio sessions for children. I love the timeless look of a clean modern studio, which allows the kids to add the color and personality themselves, I just need to get out of their way and let them put on the show.:D

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Minnetonka Family Photographer

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