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Sisters and their Adoring Dog ~ Minneapolis Family Photographer

I’ve been photographing these adorable sisters since the oldest was a newborn. I love seeing them every year, as they are just the SWEETEST girls! When I first met them for their newborn session at their home, I was first greeted by their super dog, Tex. Tex, an Australian Shepherd (my favorite!!) was a doll. A typical Aussie- lots of energy, and devoted to his people. We’d talked about including him in photo sessions over the years, but given his, um, super exuberance, they opted to wait until the girls were a little older. So, this year was the year. Tex came with this fall for their annual photo session. He was his true spunky self, but due to the help of my awesome assistant (and dog whisperer) Sally, we managed to wrangle some photos of them together. Success!

This weekend they sent me an email, letting me know the sad news that Tex had died. I am heartbroken for them. Having lost our own Aussie this summer, I know so well the pain of losing your long time pup. It’s gut wrenching. We too, finally did family photos including the dog the previous fall, and have a large canvas of our family including him in our living room. So I know how very much they will also treasure this photo of him with his adoring sisters. RIP Tex- I know you will be missed so much.


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Sisters. Having grown up with only brothers, I’ve always been a little fascinated by sisters. Among my best friends when I was young, was a set of twins. I was always SO envious of their relationship and that they had each other. My own daughter, also an only girl surrounded by boys, ironically has twin girls for her BFFs as well. I know she too wishes she had a sister, but it just wasn’t in the cards for her. I often tell her, the best thing is, that you get to choose your own “sisters”- your friends will become like family to you, and while not quite the same thing, it’s pretty freaking awesome.


Minneapolis Family Photos

Shannon Ganje Elkins - Wednesday, March 18, 2015 - 5:29 pm

Thank you for your kind words. You have become a friend of our family and we love how easily you can capture the smiles of our children! You are the best!

Gorgeous Fall Family Photos ~ Minnetonka Family Photographer

Remember when it was warm outside and the trees were in full fall glory? Me neither…but these family photographs prove that it did exist! And in only, um, 8 more months it’ll be back! Fall is always the busiest time here at the studio- as we MN people really have a thing about photographing our families in the glory of fall. Since we’re typically swamped with photo sessions, my poor poor blog sits, unupdated, for months at a time. Until February hits, and I can finally come up for air having recovered from another awesome holiday season. So be prepared for an onslaught of peeks at sessions from a few months ago. Finally getting the chance to blog sessions, is making me long for warmer days where we can go outside without fear of frostbite! Time will come, time will come, so until then I’ll reminisce….

This GORGEOUS family had the most perfect weather for our session in late October. Sweet adorable Miss S, was always camera ready. She had lots to tell me, and show me, and loved being in front of the camera. My kinda girl! Her (OMG SO CUTE) little brother N, was less sure of the situation- but his serious looks just KILL me- he’s sooooo cute – that hair and those CHEEKS! You may recognize him as being the super baby model from the CC&Mays shoot I did last winter- look at how much he’s grown! I mean honestly….could these two be any more adorable? And their little dog? Such a peanut and just as cute!

They picked a classic color palette for their clothing choices for their session. The what to wear for photos is often one of the hardest things clients struggle with I find. But I’m here every step of the way to help you! The navy/blue/cream or grey is one of those easy palettes to go with, especially in fall, as nearly everyone looks amazing in blue tones and it works so well outdoors against browns and greens of nature.

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Family Photos Minnetonka

Holiday Princesses ~ Minneapolis Children’s Photographer

These two gorgeous girls came into the studio shortly before the holidays. There’s just something about holiday dresses on little girls, isn’t there? It makes me miss the days when my own little princess could fit into toddler sizes- as they really just do have the best most adorable dresses for the little ones! I’m a huge fan of classic black/white/red combos for studio sessions around the  holidays. It’s just such a timeless color palette. I have returned to it myself a few times over the years with my own kids.

One of the many reasons I love having a studio space, is that once the weather is too cold, or the outside scenery has turned brown and full, the studio is such a great option especially for shorter studio mini sessions. The clean modern design of our natural light studios really allows for the focus to be on the children. Our studio allows kids the room to move around, and even dance. I love that we have the room to let them be kids. That’s pretty much how I like to roll when it comes to studio sessions for children. I love the timeless look of a clean modern studio, which allows the kids to add the color and personality themselves, I just need to get out of their way and let them put on the show.:D

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family photographer

Minnetonka Family Photographer

SecondHand Hounds Rescue ~ Dog Photography

If you’ve been following 3 Peas on Instagram or Facebook you’ve probably noticed we’ve gone a bit to the dogs:D
This past summer, we lost our beloved dog of 13.5yrs. We’d had him since he was a 7wk old puppy, and he was truly part of our family. You know how some people have a dog who’s well, just a dog, and then some people have a dog who’s pretty much like a kid to them and a sibling to their human kids? Yeah we fall into that last one… After losing our sweet boy, I knew that I wanted to take some time before finding our next dog, and what better way than to volunteer to be fosters for a local rescue. It was an interesting experience, that was super rewarding, and it surprisingly did not take us long to find our next forever dog. We were foster failures who ended up keeping Blue when he came to us from Kentucky in December. He’s amazingly sweet, loyal and quirky. Perfect for us. He’s often featured on our Instagram feed- so be sure to follow us!

ANYHOO- since we didn’t last long in the fostering arena, and want to take some time to get Blue settled before we consider fostering again, I wanted to find another way to continue to help Secondhand Hounds as I really found them to be quite an amazing organization. So enter in the obvious way- photographs of some of the sweet dogs they have available for adoption! So in the past month 8 different pups have come into the studio for updated photos for their adoption profile. Two have been adopted- but these six are still available!

Introducing (from left to right) Georgie, SweetPea, PattyCakes, Rotini, Ho-Ho, and Java. I really had a blast taking their photos and can only hope that I managed to capture their cuteness and sweetness, so that soon they too can find their forever homes!

Check them and all the other pets out at SecondHandHounds website for more info!
If you’ve ever considered fostering and have any questions- I’m happy to answer them! It was really a great way for us to help out, AND find the next dog for our family. Since we have children, we really needed to know that the dog would get along well in our crazy house, so it was sort of a “try before you buy” method. It WAS hard saying goodbye to foster dogs who weren’t right for us, but helping them find their forever homes was so rewarding.


mn dog rescue

Twin Cities Pet Photographer

Britta Polencheck - Friday, March 6, 2015 - 8:57 pm

Amy, it was a pleasure bringing Java in to have her photo taken. Thank you again for the session! Happy update – after six weeks living with us and our crazy dogs, Java finally got adopted! She moved to her forever home this past week.

Sweet Baby Francis ~ Minneapolis Baby Photographer

This sweet little bundle of love, was such a mellow little dude. I think partly because he has such an adoring entourage to attend to his every need. With a sister as sweet as she, he’s surely in for a lifetime of tea parties, stuffed animal adventures, and lots of story times. She has a lot to tell him, and I think he’s going to be a great listener…at least for the next year or so…;)

While most newborn sessions are done at the studio, I will admit I have a soft spot for when clients opt for an in home session instead. There’s just something so infinitely more personal about a session where your home is the backdrop. It makes them even more unique to you, and as your little love grows, they will see just how little they use to be when you rocked them in your favorite chair. I do still bring along a few textiles of them own, so it’s really just an awesome mixture of images. Plus- hello it’s winter and you don’t have to trudge out into the cold with your baby! I come to you, and all you need to do is turn up your heat and let me do the rest.:)


newborn photographer

Don’t you just want to SMOOCH those cheeks??? So. Perfect.

baby photography mn

Not to mention that perfect little newborn baby belly! SO. SWEET.

minneapolis baby photographer

And his equally adorable proud big sister Claire. Could she be any cuter?? She’s still so little herself, but it’s amazing how the kids we thought of as small the day before- somehow look so much bigger and older when they are holding their new teeny tiny baby brother. So many parents often comment on this fact- how quickly their first baby, becomes the big sibling. So many changes in store for her but hopefully a life long friendship for the two of them.

baby photographer

2014 is a Wrap!

As 2014 comes to a close, a huge THANK YOU to all the clients that we saw this year!
It was an amazing year, and leaves me SO excited to see what is in store for us in 2015!

It’s always fun for me (and by me I mean my awesome assistant Sally) to put together this compilation of most of the sessions from the year. It’s sort of a “where’s waldo” and I just love seeing all these moments from 2014 together!
I really do have the best clients EVER!! Look at all these cute kids!

My kids asked me “why do those three get bigger pictures?!” the answer is- because those families are my 3 longest clients! They have been coming yearly since the almost the beginning of 3 Peas Photography. They are in many ways, the roots of our little small business! This next year will mark my 9th year in business. I have never taken for granted how amazing it is that I get to be a part of families photographic legacy. It’s a large part of what I love about what I do, because I know how treasured photographs are for generations. Whether I see you every year, or just once in your lifetime, it’s something I’m proud to be a part of, proud to know that I’ve played a role in documenting your family.

Happy New Year!

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