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Boy Number Four ~ Minneapolis Newborn Photographer

This gorgeous family added another boy to their family!
It’s been two years since I last saw them (seen here) when they welcomed baby boy #3
It was fun to do a similar series for their wall at home, of them holding their sweet little man!

And as I’ve mentioned to a few clients, I DID find a way to bring that awesome old brick wall
from my old studio downtown, to my current studio in Minnetonka so I could still use the same wall in images.
You’ll have to come in to see the secret magical way!;)

minneapolis newborn baby photographer
mn newborn photographer
minneapolis newborn photographer

Family Love ~ Edina MN Family Photographer

Summer is often the time that families travel to visit one another, and get the chance to reconnect.
Cousins get to play, adult siblings get to see each other and their parents…
and it’s also a great opportunity to get together for a portrait session!

This family was so much fun, the kids were full of spunk and personality,
and it was a blast watching them all truly enjoy each other’s company.

First peek up- the whole gorgeous group!

minneapolis family photographer

He’s full of energy, but not too big for momma snuggles

mn family photography

and his sweet sister, and her adoring dad

family photography edina

and their baby brother…so adorable and sweet!

family photographer mn

The girls. Cousins. Oh how this photo makes me laugh! They look ready for fun don’t they?

twin cities mn photography

And the sweet miss E with her parents

mn children

Momma love

minnetonka children photographer

Thank you for an amazing evening! I told you it might look chaotic, but it’s all good.
The fun part is the magic that appears in between the chaos:)
~ Amy

Gorgeous Foursome – Chicago Family Photography

I had the pleasure of meeting and photographing this stunning crew when I was in Chicago last month!
They were sweet as could be, so calm and easy going.
And pretty good troopers with all the mosquitos!:)

The “baby” of the family- oh those gorgeous curls!!

twin cities child photographer

The handsome brothers

minneapolis child photographer

And the stunning big sister

mn photography children

True sibling love- when they play ring around the rosie with you.
Again. And again. And again….;)

minneapolis family photographer

Thank you R family!

Toronto Fun – Family Photography

The S family was the last of my photo sessions while in Toronto, and we had the most gorgeous evening!
Since they live in the amazing Yorkville area of downtown Toronto, we were able to have our session
right in their neighborhood! Walking around campus, there are just so many beautiful buildings
and greenery, it was really the perfect setting for our session.

Little man B was SO much fun- he has so much personality and spunk, we had so much fun!

kid photographer mn

B thinking very carefully about my question…:)

minnesota family photography

Seriously- could he be any cuter??

kid photographer minneapolis

The adorable family, by the little waterfall we stumbled across.

minneapolis family photographer

Some of my favorite images from sessions are often ones like this- the unexpected sweet moments.

twin cities family photos
family photography mn

Thanks S family for an amazing session!

Family Photographer

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Gorgeous Couple, Gorgeous Location – Toronto Maternity Session

I am pretty sure this couple thought I was a little crazy, with how VERY excited I was during our session.
Around every corner was yet another GORGEOUS spot, my photographer heart was beating so fast from joy!
After being rained out the night prior, we met the next morning which was a lovely day, and had a leisurely stroll
along the path that they walk many evenings after work. They showed me their favorite places
that they find peace and harmony, right in the middle of the bustling city.
They are truly lucky to be temporarily living in such an amazing city!

From our very first stop of the morning, this building was so beautiful.
Just like these two! Well, 2.5:)

pregnancy photographer mn
maternity photographer mn

I just loved the little blue pop of color above the door. This was located in this serene and peaceful inner sanctuary courtyard.
It was amazing how when inside, with the beautiful sky above, you could hear NOTHING from the city outside.

minneapolis photographer

This is going to be one loved little baby…

minneapolis maternity photography
pregnancy portraits

mn photographer


Thank you S & E for taking me along on your stroll- it was really an amazing morning! Good luck with your move back!

H is for Howie – Minnetonka Children’s Photographer

When I learned this adorable little man’s name was Howie,
I might have squealed just a little inside. I LOVE names that you rarely hear anymore
and Howie was a character in one of my favorite children’s series when I was a kid,
and my daughter now loves too. She even suggested the name for the 4th pea!
This Howie is named after family, so it has that added awesome element to it too.

When he arrived in this outfit, I thought it was awesome!
I love white with bright colors for studio sessions- I think it’s just the perfect modern style!

And isn’t his hair just perfection??? LOVE it!

mn photographer
mn baby photographer

The “sitting” stage is possibly the CUTEST stage of babyhood. IMHO.

twin cities mn baby photographer
minneapolis baby photographer

He looks like such a big boy here!

minnetonka photography studio

mn baby photographer

Torontonians ~ Children’s Photography

This family is one of those that I am totally emotionally attached to, in a big way.
I get genuinely excited for every session with them, year after year, because I KNOW these kids will  -
A) Make me work for it from the beginning to end, and
B) Make me laugh till I fall over on the ground from their awesome personalities.
Two years ago when they told me they were moving to Canada for a few years for work,
I will admit that a little part of me cried- because I couldn’t imagine NOT seeing these kiddos!

Thankfully, as fate would have it, last summer I attended a workshop near Toronto, and was able to
see and photograph them. I fell intrigued with the quick glimpse of Toronto that I saw while there
so decided that this year I would plan a little get summer away with with my hubby.
Not only did we have a wonderful time in the amazing city of Toronto, I was also
able to see, and photograph this favorite family. (and a few others who will be blogged coming up)
Since they are returning to MN this spring, I will no longer have to travel to Canada to see them! Yay!
Although, the hubster and I did love our getaway- so perhaps I need to schedule more “work trips”:)

After years of photographing this family, I can say without a doubt that this is my favorite session yet!
SO many amazing images, it’s going to be brutal to narrow them down!

When his mom told me he was into superheroes- I just had to bring along a little surprise for him:

kids photography mn

The Pricincess : AKA Cinderella

twin cities child photographer

And the wee little man- SO stinking cute I can hardly stand it!

toronto family photography

Smooshy sibling love

medina photographer

Her booty dance…still makes me laugh!

mn kids photographer

He’s growing up so fast…

mn child photographer

And the gorgeous couple themselves

mn photography

Thanks S Family, for yet another AMAZING session.:)

mn family photographer

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