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Sweet William – Minnetonka MN Newborn Photographer

This adorable little man came into the studio at 9 days old, which is that perfect window of time
for those precious newborn expressions and poses that quickly make way for more alert
and stretched out baby…. he was a dream!

minnetonka newborn photography
mn baby photographer

I’ve had a few firstborn newborns this year at the studio, and I always love how quickly new parents can become completely
immersed and in love with their new little ones. It is pretty amazing, isn’t it? These little people we make?:)

mn baby photographer

minneapolis baby photographer
Thanks D & J for entrusting these precious early moments for me to document!:)
~ Amy

Elliott & Brynna – Minnetonka Children’s Photographer

These two sweeties came into the studio and we sure had some fun!

Elliott is so full of joy and energy- I just love photographing him!
I am totally in LOVE with this first collage series with him…. he’s such a hoot!!

mn kids photographer

Baby Brynna is a sweet little muffin- SO cute, and those eyes!!!

minneapolis baby photography

Her mom said she sucks the same two fingers as her big brother.

twin cities baby photography


minnetonka mn child photographer

Sometimes the more serious expressions just melt my heart… I love how she’s snuggled
into him, and he’s holding her so protectively.

mn photography studio

Their sweet momma- her love and adoration of these two just oozes from her…

family photography

Thanks L family for another great session!!! ~Amy

Expecting – Minnetonka Maternity Photographer

I will admit it, Roxie sort of stole my heart…. (don’t tell my dog)
She is the SWEETEST dog, and will surely be an amazing “big sister” to her soon to be baby brother.
So calm and totally devoted to her people- this little baby is going to be lucky. So much love already in the house!:)

mn pregnancy photography

Oh how I LOVE this image:)

maternity photographer

I’m often a tad partial to b+w portraits for maternity sessions…not sure why, but I love them.

mn maternity photographer
twin cities maternity photographer

Thanks for a great session- I can’t wait to meet the little man when he arrives! ~ Amy

[...] sweet little hunky love, really enjoyed staying inside his mommy- (click here to see their maternity session) it took him awhile to finally make his appearance, but I’m sure once his parents took one [...]

Brothers – Minnetonka MN Children’s Photographer

These two crazy cute brothers came into the studio for a fun and busy session!
Anytime a two year old is in the studio, I know it’s going to be a wild time, good thing I love that age!
Where he was a typical busy toddler, his baby brother is in that sweet and scrumptious stage of not quite sitting,
but super focused on everything that’s going on around him.

I ADORE this first image- when mom put that sweater on my heart beat a little faster. It’s just so sweet and the neutral tones
really let his super cuteness shine!

best baby photographer

I LOVE this stage, where they can grab their toes:)

mn baby photographer

Last time I saw handsome big brother, he was the same age as his baby!
He looks the same, yet so grown up…

twin cities children

I adore this one- I love his little fingers and sweet expression

minneapolis photography studio

Same lips when concentrating- SO adorable!

mn kids photographer

Thanks for bringing your little men in for a great session!

Sweet Newborn Theo – Minnetonka Newborn Photographer

Oh what a beautiful little bub! Little Theo was so sweet and just perfection at his session.
At only 5days old  he was so sleepy and content, he was just a dream!

When mom pulled out this wrap she had brought along I just LOVED the color!
I love when clients bring something meaningful to include in the session.

baby photographer minneapolis

One of my personal faves…..

minnetonka studio photographer

baby photographer mn

Mom also brought along some lion hats for both boys to wear- I think Theo is very adorable little lion cub!

minneapolis baby photographer

There is no doubt- that this little man is very well loved…

newborn photography mn


Blog Carousel- Natural Spot Color

This month’s theme was a fun one. The task- to photograph a naturally occurring example of spot color.
While years ago ‘selective color’ was all the rage in photography (imagine a  b+w photo with a teeny part in color)
It, like many trends in photography, was overdone to the point of making photographers want to scream.
However- the idea behind it,  can be found naturally, and beautifully. No photoshop required!

The theory behind spot color, is to create a focal point- for the eye when viewing the image.

Anyhoo- when they came up with the theme, I knew what I wanted to capture.
Right outside our house, we have these….bushes. That many birds like to hang out in, because since our home
faces south, the snow melts off the roof and drips onto these bushes- making a perfect drinking fountain for birds.
For many years, we’ve had this GORGEOUS red cardinal that would often come around.
I waited. And waited. And waited…. all week long. Camera ready by my living room window, hoping he’d appear.

Sadly he did not. HOWEVER- this red capped little birdy did come by today- and I was thrilled!

mn photographer


What’s a Blog Carousel? It’s a monthly event that some fellow photographers participate in, to get us doing something for ourselves and to push us in a different direction. Stretch our creative minds a bit. It’s only for fun and personal exploration, that’s it! Each month we have a theme, and we will photograph or find images that we feel represents the theme. At the end of my post you’ll find a link to the next photographer in this carousel. Please be sure to  check out her post and leave a little love! Also if you want to play along, I’d love to see! Post your own versions on your blogs and with a little info on what you’re doing and then you can come back and leave your link in the comment section below, so I can be sure to check it out too!

Before you go- click on to see Michigan child photographer, Dena Robles, and her spot color post.

Anna-Karin - Wednesday, February 27, 2013 - 8:37 pm

Beautiful capture!
The composition and the color of the birds just draw me to your photograph. Great interpretation of this month theme in our blog carousel!

Holli - Wednesday, February 27, 2013 - 9:55 pm

Amy, this is STUNNING. I love little birds and I have tried to capture them so I know how difficult it can be. Perfect way to highlight how beautiful these tiny creatures are.

Anna Mayer - Thursday, February 28, 2013 - 8:30 am

That’s simply beautiful. I used to have a family of Cardinals that lived in a tree just outside my office window. When the snow landed on the evergreen and then the birds, it was breathtaking. Thank you for taking me back. This is beautiful.

lauri - Thursday, February 28, 2013 - 11:06 am

Gorgeous photograph! I too have a cardinal that comes by a lot, and so when it snowed, I waited and waited for that cardinal to show and never saw it. Maybe they’re camera shy.

Nikki - Thursday, February 28, 2013 - 12:44 pm

This is just beautiful!

Stephanie Saclolo - Thursday, February 28, 2013 - 1:49 pm

I believe he is a house finch, and you have taken a stunning image of him. The texture, composition, color…it is all so beautiful

Julie - Thursday, February 28, 2013 - 3:11 pm

wow! That is just perfect!! what a gorgeous image!

Dena Robles - Thursday, February 28, 2013 - 9:19 pm

Oh it is beautiful. What a lovely capture. I have a similar tree and bird situation out my dining room window, but the cardinals prefer a different tree. And I never seem to have the camera ready when they visit!

Cutest. Valentine. EVER.

Okay, okay, so I might be slightly biased…..but the 4th pea is so stinking cute these days I could eat him up!!!
On Monday he did this little impromptu photoshoot for me, so I just had to whip up a little card.
Cutest. Thing. EVER.

valentine photographer mn

And in comparison- I’ve had these hearts forever- I bought them in 2007 for the 3Peas Valentines photos- as seen below:
Awwwww look at how much my babies have grown!! There were 4 here.:)

minnetonka kids photographer


I hope you and yours had a fabulous Valentine’s Day! I spent the day volunteering for the 4th grade class party for my trio. Fun times!

So in that vein, adding the girl’s valentine this year- as I just love them too (She did a bookmark)

valentine ideas kids

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f a c e b o o k
n e w s l e t t e r
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