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Newborn Prosser ~ Minnetonka Baby Photographer

This adorable little man came into the studio last month for his newborn portraits.
His equally adorable big brother and big sister joined in as well! He definitely is one lucky
little dude, to have such awesome big siblings!
His big brother is 8, which is the same my trio were when their baby brother was born,
and I know first hand how amazing that age spread can be. They are old enough
to be super helpful, and yet still kids themselves, so for at least many years
can be awesome playmates while showing them the ropes.
His sister is at that perfect age where they aren’t little, but aren’t big, and therefore can
be a great in-between age as she can bounce back and forth between the two depending
on what she wants to play with or do that day!

There really is just something about how smooshy they are in those first few days of life….


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CC & Mays Model Winners ~ Twin Cities Baby Photographer

These two ADORABLE babies were the two winners from the CC&Mays winter baby model search that 3 Peas did for their store back in November. They came into the studio last weekend to model some of the AWESOME new clothes that CC&Mays will have in their stores this spring. Not only are the clothes insanely cute, but they are SO comfy. Which lets kids feel happy and cozy, all the time being super fashionable as well. Win win! Comfy babies are happy babies, as we all know.:)

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Baby Photos MN

[…] – that hair and those CHEEKS! You may recognize him as being the super baby model from the CC&Mays shoot I did last winter- look at how much he’s grown! I mean honestly….could these two be any more adorable? And […]

Newborn Sweetness – Maple Grove MN Baby Photographer

This sweet little bundle of cuteness was a total sweetheart for her newborn session at the studio.
I mean seriously- those cheeks!! Don’t you just want to smooch them?!
There’s just something about those first few days of life… when they have that new baby smell,
and are just a smooshy little ball of snuggles. I could hold them forever just listening to them breathe.
Those little sighs and squeaks are enough to make me never want to give them back.:)

Little Z’s big sister is that perfect age to be a big sister. She’s sweet, gentle, and helpful,
and old enough not to do the “baby toss” when she’s done holding her.
(any one who’s ever had a toddler hold a newborn knows what I’m talking about)

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laetitiamurray - Friday, February 21, 2014 - 5:47 am

Very nice pictures is shared by you.These newborn baby images is really fantastic and care special moment of the newborn baby.I enjoyed these moment by pictues.

Must Love Dogs – MN Maternity Photographer

As many of my clients know, I LOVE dogs. Pretty much all dogs, but especially big dogs.
When clients ask if they can include their beloved dog in their session, I pretty much squeal. Yay!
Of course, I also have a very large and furry beast myself, but he’s very uncooperative when it comes to photos,
(i.e. mostly just barks at me over and over again any time he sees the camera)
so I love any opportunity I have to photograph a well behaved and cooperative dog!

Miss Maddy is a GORGEOUS Rhodesian Ridgeback, who is the sweetest thing, and is going
to surely be an amazing protector, and beloved best friend to the soon to be baby joining their family.

I always say, that people who have sweet and well behaved dogs, have a leg up on the parenting thing, as they’ve
already shown that they are good at being patient and kind, yet firm.

Not sure what it says about my parenting that my dog is overly friendly, rule breaking, nosey, and demanding.
Oh wait…I think I see it now….;)

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Frozen Bubbles – MN Photographer Macro Fun

Last week I came across some images on Pinterest of frozen bubbles, and I just knew that once the super cold arctic temps
hit here, I would have to give this a try! So on Monday, when it was a bris -20° here (-40° windchill)
I bundled up in layers and headed outside with some bubbles.It wasn’t QUITE that simple, as my first four attempts
with different bubbles mixtures didn’t work, they would instantly burst.
But the 5th concoction was the winner. Once the bubbles land they freeze in less than a second, so you have to be FAST!
Armed with my macro lens, and a determination to capture the freezing in action, I was obsessed.
It was the most fun I’ve ever had outside in -20°! I just love macro photography,
and this was a fun reminder that I should really get out and play more.

Enjoy! This first one is my personal favorite….

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The winning recipe:

6T Water
2T Dawn dish soap
3/4T corn syrup.

Heat until warm (this was key) and use a straw as your bubble wand.

For my photo geek friends- the technical details:
Macro lens- Canon 100L but I had to manually focus.
ISO 400, f/4, 1/500s

I’d blow the bubbles over the top of our grill cover pick one to watch where it landed and moved quick to get it in focus.
Lots of misses, as they freeze incredibly fast, and the slightest wind would break them open.

Nikki - Thursday, January 9, 2014 - 8:46 am

These are amazing! I am so glad you braved the cold temps and shared the striking results. Nice job!

Colleen - Wednesday, February 5, 2014 - 10:22 am

I was looking up winter activities for my toddler and came across this – great images! Thanks for sharing the bubble recipe. I never would have thought to try corn syrup in it!

Sweet Newborn Edith- MN Baby Photographer

This sweet pea was the very last newborn session I had in 2013. She was a DREAM baby to photograph.
At 1month old she was older than most babies I have in the studio, but she was still
in that curly, snuggly stage, which is what I think makes them so extra cute.

I found this blankets years ago, and it’s always been a favorite of mine as it really compliments little
baby girls with fair skin, and the mohair makes them look extra snuggled in.

minneapolis baby photographer

When her mom pulled out this sweater set, my heart pitter pattered a a little faster…perfect for a winter baby!

newborn photographer

One of the advantages to a slightly older newborn, the alert eyes!

minnetonka mn photographer

She has the most gorgeous skin! Don’t you just want to smooch her?

baby photographer

One of my favorites…

mn baby photographer

Meggan - Sunday, January 5, 2014 - 9:22 pm

What a gorgeous little thing! Your lighting is just beautiful! Congratulations to her family!

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